Type of False Eyelashes According to Eye Shape – Which girl doesn’t want her lashes to be thick and naturally curled? Yes, besides eyebrows, eyelashes are an asset for girls who support their appearance. Although there are several natural ways to make your lashes curl, wearing fake lashes is an instant choice for perfecting eye makeup.

Type of False Eyelashes according to Eye shape

Of the many types and brands of lashes that are sold in the market, it’s a good idea to choose one that suits your eye shape so that the desired curved effect is maximized. Your beauty also looks natural. Type of False Eyelashes according to Eye shape

  1. For those of you who have round eyes, choose the type of long, medium-thick lashes

If you have round eyes that make your eyes look big, use false lashes that are long and curvy all over the sides, but not too thick. This form of false lashes will make your eyes look more filled and not too big. Avoid thick, dense forms of false lashes, as this will make them look too much.

  1. The shape of the eye that is sunken will be suitable if you wear the long and curved type of false eyelashes

The shape of the sunken eyes is usually owned by middle eastern descendants. The petals will protrude inward. You can use fake lashes that are long and curly. This method will not make your eyes look heavy but it is enough to make them look sharper.

  1. Almond eyes are luckiest, she can wear fake lashes of any shape

Luckily, your eyes look like almonds, not too big but not too small either. This eye shape is suitable for all types of false lashes, whether they are sparse, thick, or thick at the ends. But, if you want to accentuate the appearance of your eyes, choose fake lashes with the same thick strands from edge to edge, also not too thick, huh!

  1. Asian eyes are very suitable when applied with individual lashes to show their natural impression

False lashes, which are small groups of lashes, are suitable for those with narrow, monolid Asian eyes. Avoid using lashes that are too thick because it actually makes your eyes heavier and smaller. Choose long strands or layered false lashes to make your eyes look more open.

  1. False lashes that are thick and long from the middle of the eye will open your eyes that have creases down

If the tip of your eyelid sags downward, you are best suited for wearing thick, long false lashes starting at the center of the eye. Unlike the slanted eyes that are small and don’t have lids, you know. These eyes still have lids but the folds seem to be drooping and heavy, making your face look gloomy. By wearing thick, long strands of false lashes, your lowered eyes will open more.

  1. For eyes that are close together, use false lashes that are thin and thickened to the corner of the outer eye

A special trick for eye shapes like this, it’s best if you don’t choose thick lashes from end to end. To give the illusion of a more “distant” eye, try using false lashes that are thinner on the inner corner of the eye and thicken up to the outer corner of the eye.

The many types of false lashes that are sold in cosmetic shops are not merely indulging your desire to use everything as you wish. You also need to match the needs of your eyes. So that it’s not just a trend, but also smart use of cosmetic products to make your beauty even more complete. So girls, congratulations on choosing fake lashes according to your eye shape eyelashes manufacturer indonesia.