5 Tips for Graduation Alone Makeup at Home – women want to always look beautiful every day, especially on special days such as graduation day. This is a form of appreciation for yourself because you have been in school or college for years.

5 Tips for Graduation Alone Makeup at Home

There is a lot to prepare, from kebaya, shoes, to makeup. Because conditions are not possible, many prefer to do their own makeup. Before starting, know the makeup tips to stay beautiful and perfect as follows 5 Tips for Graduation Alone Makeup at Home.

  1. Don’t Overdo it

When makeup alone, avoid excessive makeup. Like making thick eyebrows, cheekbones contour too firm, and dark lipstick color. Try makeup with a natural look, choosing neutral colors and not too flashy. Having a natural makeup look doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful, Ladies!

  1. Get Glowing

Just because your makeup looks natural doesn’t mean your face is unattractive. Highlighting is the main trend these days and is perfect for special days. If you want some soft make-up, try a pink highlighter to make it look fresh and dewy. As for women with dark skin, choose a gold highlighter that gives a sunkissed impression.

  1. Skip Smokey Eye

Smokey eye looks great on special occasions, especially at night. however, because the graduation ceremony is usually held in the morning, afternoon, or evening, choose soft eye makeup. So the eyes are more shiny and brighter, the color choice also matters. Follow the recommended colors such as champagne, gold, and taupe. If you want to stand out, wear a pair of fake lashes, glitter eyeshadow, and cat eye.

  1. Ensure Waterproof All Day

At a graduation ceremony, there is usually a chance that you will cry because you are moved and emotional. So don’t be embarrassed to shed tears, but just in case make sure your makeup is waterproof all day long. Choose a strong facial primer, pray settings, and waterproof mascara.

  1. Don’t Forget to Blend

One of the biggest mistakes women make when it comes to makeup is forgetting to blend it properly. Even the prettiest make-up is bad if you forget to blend it. Starting from eyeshadow, contour, and eyebrows. Use a makeup brush or just use your hands slowly.

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